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Prateesha is classically trained in the dance styles of Sattriya and Bharatanatyam. As a knowledge-seeker, she has done research on a variety of subjects related to dance. She has devoted 30 years of her career towards the propagation of Sattriya dance, and has contributed greatly to create awareness for the same. Prateesha believes in preserving the classical art forms and she has done ample research in the Sattriya style. Her contribution is towards new choreographies without diluting or compromising the traditional art form which includes not only music and dance but also costuming.

Prateesha started training in Sattriya early as a child and later joined the esteemed Kalakshetra College of Fine Arts in Chennai for training in Bharatanatyam in 1984. In1989 after her return to Assam she started training in Sattriya again and learnt the Kamalabari Style. She set up her school in Guwahati "Pratishruti Nrityashala" in 1989 where she taught Bharatanatyam.  

She has performed across the country and travelled abroad for her numerous performances. She teaches Sattriya and Bharatanatyam in Mumbai and Assam. She has over 20 years of experience in choreographing dance productions. She has choreographed solo dances, dance-dramas, group composition and multi-style compositions. She heads her non-profit organisation Pratishruti Foundation based in Mumbai started in 2008. Through her foundation she continues her creative work and passion for her dance. She has been living outside Assam for the past 30 years

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