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Shyamahari Chakra


HYDERABAD: After the Vilasini Natyam of Andhra-Telengana region and the Mahari dance of Odisha, it’s the turn of Assam’s near-extinct Deogharar Nati dance – all belonging to the outlawed devdasi dance tradition of India - for a respectful revival and restoration of its lost glory. Despite the lack of appreciation and patronage, a few committed artistes in the small town of Pathsala in Barpeta district of lower Assam have been making feeble but noble attempts for the past six decades.

Thanks to the efforts of Assam’s Bharatanatyam-Sattriya dancer Prateesha Suresh and her Mumbai-based Pratishruti Foundation, a well-planned event in Guwahati recently attempted to attract greater attention for the devdasi dance tradition of Assam while seeking support for its rapid revival. The unique event showcased a seminar and performance on the dance tradition.

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Prateesha Suresh in Narthaki

Footloose and Fancy Free with Dr. Sunil Kothari

Devadasi, Apsara and Chali Nritya seminar at Guwahati

Prateesha Suresh, an exponent of Sattriya dance, under the aegis of her Pratishruti Foundation arranged a one day seminar and lecture demonstration / performance at Rabindra Bhawan, Guwahati on 4th July 2016. The seminar on ‘Tradition of Classical Dance and Music in Assam’ focused on Devadasi Nritya, Apsara Nritya, Chali Nritya and Classicism in Sattra singing.
It is a welcome initiative offering insights into these dance and music traditions. In spite of the fact that Sattriya dances received recognition in the year 2000 as the 8th classical dance form, a lot still needs to be brought to the attention of scholars, performers, gurus, organizers and both connoisseurs and lay public alike.

Deeply interested in traditions of Sattriya dances, under the guidance of late Dr. Maheswara Neog, I had visited Dhubri where in mid sixties, Nati dances were still existing and with help of my photographer friend, late Subodhchandra, I had got some of those dances photographed and also recorded on 8mm film. But later on the attention was focussed on Sattriya dances and I could not devote more time to study of this near extinct tradition.

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Prateesha Suresh: Responsibility towards my art -Interview in Narthaki

Vijay Shanker


The Sattriya dance of Assam has been recognized as one of the eight classical dances of India but many are still unaware of it. Prateesha Suresh is the sole and leading exponent of Sattriya dance in Mumbai. 

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